Anti-Clean Meat Propaganda


  1. Appeal to Emotion: Fear and Disgust
  2. Appeal to Nature.
  3. Appeal to Chemicals: Oh no! Long science words!
  4. Appeal to Number of Ingredients.
  5. Misleading Comparison: They describe clean meats in terms of their chemical constituents but don’t do this for beef. If we described beef in terms of its chemical constituents it would sound just as scary to the uninformed.
  6. Manipulate trust: Use of legitimate sounding organization (Center for Consumer Freedom) that’s actually an industry lobby group.

How should we evaluate the healthfulness of clean meats?

  1. The dose makes the poison: What dose of the ingredients do people get and what does has detrimental health effects? All chemical compounds are harmful at a particular dose.
  2. Identify the correct comparison class: Evaluate health consequences of the doses of product/compound A (Beyond Meat) to the health consequences of the doses of product/compound B (Beef).

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